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The cost of living…

car seat

So today’s post is more of a rant!

Baby stuff can be so expensive! The annoying thing is that these companies know people will shell out for specific items.
My son is now 8 months old, hes a chunk and so a new car seat was in the pipeline. After shopping about for what was out there, it came to light that rear-facing was now recommended for as long as possible. I wasn’t sure on this idea so decided on a group 0/1 seat which enabled him to be rear facing till 15-18 months. I got a great deal on a car seat which actually turned into small nightmare due to incompetant sale staff. (Review on this seat coming soon). So back to the shop I went, after a mind boggling 40 minutes in the shop and testing car seats in the car, there was one, yes just one that would fit my requirements and my actual back seat! The only problem…. the seat was £350! Now that seems a ludicrous amount of money to spend on a car seat however, just as the manufacturers know, I (and many other parents) was not willing to scrimp on something that could save my childs life. So after giving my husband a small heart attack on the phone, we paid for the seat.
Now is this fair? Yes we are privileged enough to be able to afford the safest seat out there, but why should the people that arent have to compromise their child’s safety? Theres probably a large amount of parents that throroughly research these kind of baby items, therefore the manufacturers know that they are going to pay the cost if it is dubbed the ‘safest’.

More needs to be done to make the safest car seats accessible to all, no child has more right to life than another.

NB. The car seat we bought the first time was the Maxi Cosi Milofix which didnt work out for us. The one we ultimately decided on was the Britax Dualfix. I’ll be adding reviews of both soon!


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