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Madness of meal planning

So being on maternity leave means being frugal! The last few months I’ve been shopping at aldi and I love it! You can get so much for your money and it still tastes great. My shopping bill has gone from £90-100 to just £60 a week. With bear now eating whatever we eat, I’ve had to start meal planning better. I never really did it before and just cooked what we fancied on the day but obviously that was the cause of my overspending as we just had too much in the house!
After looking at the offers, this is what our meal plan looks like this week:

Monday: pork chops, sweet potato mash and carrots
Tuesday: chunky beef chili and rice (and veg)
Wednesday: breaded cod, chips and peas
Thursday: sausage, mash and beans
Friday: lasagne and homemade bread
Saturday: take out
Sunday: Sunday roast (turkey)

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