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When you live in the far southwest of the UK, you enjoy the extreme sunshine of the summer and the golden beaches.
However come winter, there’s not a hope in hell you will see any snow!
Whilst the rest of the country up north fret and complain about the hassle of their snowfalls, us Cornish and Devonians are praying for just one little snowflake to fall.
But.. It never happens. Unless you venture into the depths of dartmoor or bodmin moor, there won’t be a glisten in sight!

I would love my children to see snow fall and to slide around excitedly making snowmen and snow angels. The look on their faces as a snowball hits them on the back and the look of joy as something as simple as frozen water does for a small child (or adult!)

For now I’ll have to watch it on the tv, keep praying… Or book a holiday to Scotland 😕



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