Daily life, advice and reviews from an everyday mummy.

So it’s been a while since I’ve been here. I can’t believe we are already nearly into February!
I’m currently 2/3rds in to a masters degree and I’m wishing away time till I finally finish and qualify as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse. However on the other hand, I’m wanting time to slow down as my boys are growing way too fast! My 5 year old is nearly 6  and comes out with more and more advanced things each day, I often think how did he become grown up and knowledgeable about the world. I remember the days where his naiviety meant I could shield him from the world. My 2 year old is as cheeky as ever, tests my patience most days but would not change him, I now look at him and think when did he leave all his baby traits behind and become a ‘proper boy’?!

Life is definitely going by too fast, you blink and your children are grown up. I wonder if I have done enough, been there enough and gave them what they have needed to grow up into a well adjusted adults. I haven’t made any proper new years resolutions this year, but a main goal for the year is to make as many memories as possible and offer as many opportunities as I can to my children. Heres to 2017!



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