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Meal plan

I’m trying to be organised again as I have a lot of work coming up. Here’s our meal plan for the week. 

Sunday – roast chicken, potatoes and veg

Monday – sweet potato cottage pie and veg

Tuesday – battered fish, chips and peas

Wednesday – spaghetti carbonara

Thursday – chicken enchiladas and veg

Friday – sausage casserole, rice and veg

Saturday – pizza
I’ve been making some batches to freeze today so it’s easier in the week. Here’s the cottage pie and enchiladas 



Armed Forces Day 2015 – Plymouth Hoe


Today we visited Plymouth Hoe to celebrate Armed Forces Day. We had an amazing day, the sun was shining (I got a bit burnt!) and there were some amazing people present.

Dude loved sitting in the police car and fire engine and the officers were so friendly to the children which I thought was great as I want my children to trust these people if they are ever in trouble. One police officer was helping the children print their fingerprints onto paper which were then put into keyrings as a keepsake. I’ve got this attached to my car keys now 🙂

We watched some of the band parades but it was so warm we decided to retreat to a shaded area and have lunch whilst waiting for the air show. The air show was brilliant but a little loud! Dude promptly burst into tears at the sound but Bear wasn’t even fazed (I stried to muffle the sound with my hands over his ears but he kept wriggling away!).

We walked around for another hour or so at the various marquees and talking with the RNLI, Cadets and exploring the BBC tents. The boys started getting tired so we grabbed an ice cream and made our way home.

The boys were in bed by 7pm! Out like a light! They had a great day, dude learnt alot about all the amaziing people that serve and have served our country and if he ever chose it as a profession I would be so proud of him!

Some pictures:

IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4978

IMG_5013IMG_5009 IMG_5019

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