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Asda baby event haul!

So today I visited Asda as their baby event started yesterday. I didn’t pick up any nappies as I use aldi nappies and their baby event starts next Thursday (29th jan).
Here is what I got:


I got 2 packs of pampers 12 pack box wipes. They were £7.97 each.
2 Asda sensitive washing gels for £2 each
Baby snack crisps were 3 for £4.50. They have 4 packets in each pack.
Metanium bum cream was £2
Babygrows pack of 4 for £7
Plum punches were 30p each so I got 8 in 2 different varieties.
The fruit pots were 4 for £1. So picked up cow and gate and Heinz.
School bars were 99p.
Baby cereal was 3 for £4.50. (Worked out I got one free as the are £2.50 each!)
And finally the baby toy at the front was £2! It plays music and has a small book on the front aswell. They also had a shape sorter for £2 but we have them already.

I’ve seen better deals at previous Asda baby events. There were no cups or beakers or baby cutlery. And hardly any baby equipment this time. I still think I did quite well! I’m well stocked for wipes for a while!

Next week is the aldi baby event so I will do another haul on what I get then!

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