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Boden, John Lewis and Zara haul

Today I had my first experience of a boden clearance event! It wasn’t pleasant! There was about 200 people in the queue in front of me. So 25 minutes after the doors opened I finally got in to find the children’s section empty. Why? Well the people at the fro t of the queue had literally poured the contents of the clothing into their baskets and huddled to the side deciding what they wanted to keep. Anything they discarded on the floor was quickly whipped up by passing greed! No doubt it will all be on eBay soon as I overheard someone was there to simply resell on at higher prices!

So I didn’t get too much. It was badly organised and I don’t think I’ll go again.

I did get a couple of bargains though and afterwards wandered into town to John Lewis and Zara. 

First picture:

  • Boden boys tshirt 6-7y – £8
  • Boden dungarees 2-3y – £4
  • Clarks doodles (John Lewis) – £12
  • Boden boots – size 9 – £5

Second picture:

  • Boden swimsuit size 18 – £10

Third picture:

  • Zara jumper 3-4y – £5.99
  • Zara t shirt 3-5y – £1.99

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