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Safer Sleep by The Lullaby Trust

Within my job I am a keen advocate of safe sleep for babies. Around 5 babies each day die for no known reason. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) cannot always be prevented, there is not enough research out there yet to know what exactly causes an infant to suddenly die, devastating whole families.

There is however some key things that parents can do to make sleep safer.
The Lullaby Trust is a great website with a lot of information for new and experienced parents. Guidelines change regularly and this charity carries the most up to date facts and figures. New equipment, bedding and toys are always becoming available and The Lullaby Trust is happy to answer any questions you may have.
Check out the website here: www.lullabytrust.org.uk

Here is a short video with the basics of reducing the risk of SIDS, share with as many people as possible!


CMYK_the_lullaby_trust_LOGO (2)

Getting rid of the baby stuff..why is it so hard!

Bear is one in 7 days…How did this happen! How did he grow from this tiny little thing that popped into the world with a bang to a crawling, babbling boy.
We are unsure if we will have another, its definitely hard work with the 2 boys and working long hours 3 days a week as well as juggling home life, pre school runs and general mummy stuff! Therefore we have been selling things as Bear has grown out of them – clothes, bouncers, etc. However there is one thing I cannot part with for some reason and thats the baby car seat.
It has been used for both Dude and Bear. As car seats have an expiry date of 5 years, I doubt we would be able to use it again if we had further children anyway! But it has some kind of hold over me that I cant seem to shift! I don’t want anybody else to use the seat, it was how we first brought our children home from the hospital. Its only fabric and plastic but it has memories. Firsts, first places we went as a family, first car rides to see the family.
I think it will have to stay with us….just for the minute anyway. Until I can get my head around it. Maybe its the fear of having no more children, maybe its the fear of the children growing up. I don’t know. For now it will have to stay on the bedroom floor.

One day mummy, I won’t be this small. 

Pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment. My baby is one in 13 days, how did this happen!

Returning to work (coping with a pre schooler and baby)

Life is chaotic! It’s organized chaos though! 

I recently returned to work after 11 months on maternity leave. It was a huge shock to the system! I suddenly had to get to work on time, get dude to pre school and bear to my mum aswell as making sure we were all clean, washed and dressed with all relevant bags in tow! 

I’ve been back 6 weeks now and have come up with some great tips to cope with the chaos!

1. Prepare the night before. – have lunches prepared, clothes ironed and ready to go and bags packed at the door. 

2. If you have more than one child to sort out in the morning, consider sharing between your husband/partner and yourself. One child to get out the door on time is much less daunting than 2!

3. Meal plan! If like me you aren’t walking back in the door until 5/5.30 you don’t want to be trying to organise dinner. Know what you are going to make or have it pre prepared on your day off/night before. 

4. Need to sort out an appointment/phone call etc? Make use of your lunch break at work! It’s so much easier to do it without a child hanging off your leg!

5. Finally enjoy your days off! They are even more precious now. But don’t feel guilty if you need to take 10 minutes to yourself, you’re w busy mum and need to look after yourself aswell!


Cute summer haul!

I want summer to arrive! I picked up these lovely rompers yesterday in boots from their baby section. £6 each or 2 for £8. 

Aren’t why gorgeous! Bear will look so bright and summery in them!

Baby socks! Into the abyss?!

Where do baby socks disappear too? I swear I buy more on a weekly basis as they just seem to be lost in an abyss somewhere!
You will see bear wearing odd socks quite often! We’ll call it a fashion statement!
But seriously where are they!!

Moving bear to his own room…

Last night we put bear in his own room in his cotbed for the first time.
He’s 8 months old now, probably a bit later than some people put their babies in their room but I just find it easier for them to be next to me when breastfeeding at night.
It didn’t go too well! By 12.30 he was back in our room! I probably should have persevered a bit more but I was so tired I went for the easy option!
We will keep trying each night, he’s got a cold at the moment plus teething so he’s not sleeping too well!

I did feel really lost with him not next to me. He will probably be my last baby so I want to keep him little for as long as possible! He may end up in our room for a little while longer 😜


Dettol Baby Blanket Donation – Keep the memories, Not the bacteria

DBBD logo

Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser and UK children’s medical research charity, Sparks, are working together to make a difference to children’s health both at home and abroad. We are asking you to help make a difference to young lives by donating your used baby blankets and ‘keep the memories, not the bacteria’. For every blanket collected, £1 will be donated to Sparks to help to improve children’s health in the UK.

High Res Dettol Blanket

Backed by Rachel Stevens: Rachel said “I’ve got all my mummy friends donating their blankets and I’m trying to get as many people involved as possible. It’s a brilliant campaign in itself but now I’m a mum I am even more aware of how much washing there is to do. With Dettol Anti-Bacterial Laundry Cleanser I get to do loads of quick washes at low temperatures and I know that things will be hygienically clean and germ free.”

Learn more and how to donate at http://www.dettol.co.uk/donate.

Twitter: @DettolBlanket with the #sharethememories hash tag

Aldi baby haul!

Aldi’s baby event started Thursday. All sorts of great offers and now that I have been converted to mamia nappies and wipes I always stock up at these events!


I got:
2 boxes of 12 wipes – £5.99 each
2 boxes of nappies – £6.99 each
Storybook – 99p
2 Nuby bath toys – £2.99 each
Toddler toilet wipes – 59p

Not in the picture as they are in the dishwasher was 2 nuby beakers. £1.99 each.

The wipes are a bargain so if you can get to an Aldi, then definitely stock up!!

Theres just no need to judge! (Parenting Choices)

This video sums this up so well! Mothers judge each other all the time on the parenting choices they make!

WHY! As long as that child/children are happy and healthy and at no harm then let them all be!
The breastfed/bottle fed debate is boring, we all know breast is best but let people have the freedom to choose! Yes washable nappies are better for the environment but we all dont have the time for that etc, etc.
We should all be free to bring our children up as we want and nature them the best we can.

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