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Charity Shop Haul

So it’s been a while! Life got busy and priorities changed. But I’m back. 

After school today we ventured up to the village and looked in a couple of charity shops. 

Here’s our little haul:

Usbourne See inside Your Body -£2  (we love these books, lift the flap with lots of information, we have a small collection of these ‘encyclopaedia’ type books for young children)

Mr Bounce – 25p (dudes favourite books at the moment are mr men)

Dear Greenpeace – 50p (written by a local author who visited dudes school recently)

Usbourne noisy Knights – £1 (beat loves noisy books but the ones we have he has ruined as they are paper pages, this is board so hopefully can’t be damaged!)

Cinderellas bum – 50p (funny story book by an it hor we like)

The Giants loo roll – 50p (same author)


We love books so this was a great little find. Highly recommend getting books from charity shops as they are a fraction of the price. 

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