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Car seat technology

I’ve always been passionate about car seat safety. I have bought the best car seats I could afford to ensure y children are safe in the car at all times. Bear at 19 months is still rear facing in his Britax dual fix and dude uses an isofix high back booster and will continue to do so till he is 12. 

4 out of 5 car seats in the uk are installed incorrectly and at present there isn’t a great deal of support out there to help with this. A company in the states have developed a great new piece of software built into a group 0 car seat and base to help with this problem. It has technology to level itself, create tension and ensure that the seat is correctly fitted at all times. It can relay the information straight back to smartphone app. 

I think this is great and will hopefully go on to be sold in the uk. Car seat safety is key to prevent serous injury and deaths and technology is advancing to help with this. 

Here’s a great video showing the seat in action 

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