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Why we chose an extended rear facing car seat

I am always asked why we have forked out for 2 extended rear facing car seats. I get told I could have easily picked up a much cheaper seat so that Bear could see where he is going. Now before I explain our reasons, I would just like to point out that everybody has the right to choose their own carseats, all car seats are tested to the minimum standards and I am not judging anyone that has a forward facing seat for their little one.

All I wish is that the there was more information and explanation of extended rear facing out there for parents to make an informed choice.

I have come across many videos explaining the differences between forward facing and rear facing. It’s well worth taking a few minutes to watch this video.

Sweden had some of the lowest mortality rates and serious injuries in children when involved in car accidents. Why? Children legally have to be rear facing until 4 years old. It is 5 times safer for children under 5 to be rear facing when in the car.

Their skeltons are not mature enough to withstand the forces put upon them when in an accident. In forward facing alot of the forces are driven towards spine and neck whereas rear facing this is far less.
I have been asked whether the forces would cause broken legs due to the appearance that the childs legs are scrunched up against the seat.
My answer to this: I would rather my child had broken legs that can be fixed rather than serious neck or spine injuries that may cause long term, unrepairable damage or even death.

Alot of mums I have spoken to are concerned about the price of a rear facing seat. The carseats are becoming more and more available in the UK and you can pick them up from around £120. This is roughly similar to some of the popular forward facing car seats from Britax and Maxi Cosi.

I have previously written a review about the first rear facing seat we purchased, the Maxi Cosi Milofix. You can read that here. I would not personally recommend this seat.
We curently have the Britax Dualfix and Joie stages.

I will write a review of both of these seats soon.
Both are available to buy at major car seat sellers such as Mothercare, Halfords and Toys R Us.

For more information on rear facing here are some great websites to look at.




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