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Starting school essentials

I can’t believe it, dude starts school in September! Where did those 4.5 years go!

Here’s a list of essentials I’ve discovered and the best places to get them:

1. Uniform – obviously. But don’t overspend and buy loads. Your child may have a growth spurt within months of starting and you will have to start again. Personally I’ve bought in the next size up with waist adjusters on the trousers which I will turn up and the polo shirts will be tucked in so won’t matter if they are a little long! I struggled to find boys trousers without a button fastening as dude still struggles with that. I finally found some in m&s which are elasticated and pull on. 

2. Name tags – an absolute must! Label everything! Even socks! There’s plenty to chose from on eBay. I have purchased some in red writing with a little car motif which dude picked out to make it easier for him to identify his clothes. 

Buy them here

3. Bags – lunch/book/PE/backpacks. If able, let them choose their own. I decided not to purchase the school versions. If every kid has the same bag that must get confusing. I’ve chosen the school book bag and dude will chose his own PE bag. Again there lots of different characters in ebay which can also be personalised. Being able to choose definitely makes things more fun for the child and hopefully resulting in a positive attitude in starting school. 

4. Shoes – invest in good shoes. I’ve heard people say ‘oh they just get wrecked whatever price they are’. This may be true but I want to aim to make them last as long as possible. The obvious is clarks and start rite but I have heard good thing about branded black trainers aswell. 

5. Finally on my list is a lot of positive and motivating conversations about school. If we drive past or mention his new school, I always try and slip in a little information to make it sound exciting and try to answer any questions he has. 

Today’s question was: ‘will you pick me up?!’ I reassured him about this and explained about the playground with the fun drawings on the floor where I will come and collect him. He seemed happy with this answer as he got excited about the games he could play in the playground. 
It’s such a scary and exciting time when you child first starts school. It’s a memory you want to treasure forever so don’t fret and just go with the flow!

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