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Elf on the shelf – day two

Naughty elves! Making snow angels in the cake sprinkles!

Elf on the shelf! – day one

Bob the elf arrived this morning and brought a new friend.. Theodore! His magical fairy door appeared in the living room and some magical treats were waiting for the boys. 

Can’t wait to see what mischief Bob and Theodore get up to! 

Don’t know the story of ‘the elf on the shelf’? Find out more here : Elf on the shelf

I will be updating each day with all the mischief that the elves get up too! Enjoy! And let me know in the comments and on Twitter what your elves have been up to aswell!

Halloween craft ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween! When you don your scariest costume and walk the streets with your hyped up children knocking on doors for candy!
Rather than decorate this year, we decided to make our own scary creations. 

Here are a few ideas on this rainy half term to create with your little monsters:

1. Paper plate spiders 

All that’s required for this is a paper plate, some pipe cleaners or straws, googly eyes and some paint!

2. Hanging bats

Grab some black paper or card, googly eyes and a template of a bat off the web (if you can’t draw like me!) and voila, hanging bats!

3. Puffy ghosts

This is great for children who like more texture play. You will need some white paper, cotton wool balls and black paper. Cut the white paper to a ghost shape and then dip the cotton wool balls into glue and stick on the ghost shape 🙂

4. Cotton bud Skelton arm

This can get messy! Paint white paint into your little ones arm and press down onto black paper. When dry, grab some white cotton buds and glue onto the arm to look like bones! You could do this with just a hand or foot aswell. 

5. Pumpkin potato stamp

Carve your potato into a pumpkin shape, grab some orange paint and get stamping!
Happy Halloween everyone!


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