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Can I have it all?

This is a question I ask all the time.

Can I have it all?
I have recently been thinking about changing the way my career is progressing. I opted to apply for a completely new role which also requires a university course alongside. Amazingly I got the role and September 1st I start this new adventure.

However in the back of my mind, I feel guilty. I feel guilty that I am putting my focus in the wrong place. Should I be concentrating on my children whilst they are still very young? Bear is only 13 months and Dude is 4.5.
I stayed at home on maternity leave for 12 months. Don’t get me wrong I loved the time with my children but I needed something for myself in the end. I felt like my days needed a purpose, an aim and some adult conversation over something other than poo habits and sore nipples.

My return to my current job has had minimal effects on my children and we still get to do our fun days, toddler groups as well as our more mundane tasks of cleaning and washing. Its about maintaining that balance so that your children feel they are always first. I no longer stay late at work, I don’t offer to do the overtime and I have the flexibility to plan my shifts to fit my childrens lives.

I don’t know what this new role will bring. I hope to study and complete assignments in the evenings when the children are in bed. My working hours are less than my current role and therefore I shop the children will not notice this change at all!

So, the question…Can I have it all?

I dont believe I can have it all. I believe that I should still have my own aims and aspirations but I should and I will always put my children first. If anything I try becomes detrimental to my children’s lives I will put it on hold.

Only time will tell how this new role will affect our family however if I don’t at least try I know I will always regret!

Brit Mums! Now part of the Community!

I’m now part of the BritMums community!

Head over to http://www.britmums.com to join the blogging community and find out about BritMums Live 2015!

Returning to work (coping with a pre schooler and baby)

Life is chaotic! It’s organized chaos though! 

I recently returned to work after 11 months on maternity leave. It was a huge shock to the system! I suddenly had to get to work on time, get dude to pre school and bear to my mum aswell as making sure we were all clean, washed and dressed with all relevant bags in tow! 

I’ve been back 6 weeks now and have come up with some great tips to cope with the chaos!

1. Prepare the night before. – have lunches prepared, clothes ironed and ready to go and bags packed at the door. 

2. If you have more than one child to sort out in the morning, consider sharing between your husband/partner and yourself. One child to get out the door on time is much less daunting than 2!

3. Meal plan! If like me you aren’t walking back in the door until 5/5.30 you don’t want to be trying to organise dinner. Know what you are going to make or have it pre prepared on your day off/night before. 

4. Need to sort out an appointment/phone call etc? Make use of your lunch break at work! It’s so much easier to do it without a child hanging off your leg!

5. Finally enjoy your days off! They are even more precious now. But don’t feel guilty if you need to take 10 minutes to yourself, you’re w busy mum and need to look after yourself aswell!


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