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Sale Haul – October 2015!

Theres lots of sales on at the moment so I had a little spending spree..oops! Dont tell the hubby! Heres what  bought in Argos, Lidl, Mothercare and Primark.

Spring fashion for a mummy!

Yes back to spring again! The sun is shining here and I can’t wait for spring to arrive properly!
I had money still to spend from Christmas so went and did a bit of retail therapy for myself.

First thing I wanted was some nice dresses to wear with leggings or without as it got warmer in summer.
I picked this one up in the New Look sale for just £5!



Fits great and long enough to wear without leggings aswell.

Next on to primark and picked up this lovely dress. It wasn’t till I got home that I realised I had pinned a very similar dress on Pinterest that I wanted for the summer! This was £13.


Also from primark I got some thin blouse type tops and some white cami tops to wear underneath. These were £10 each and £3 for the cami.




I also picked up some cotton ankle length leggings for £3


My best buy in primark was some high waisted black skinny jeans. I have never been able to get into primark skinny jeans, I am a size 16 and my legs never got very far. But these are great. Being high waisted they hold everything in and makes me look a good few inches smaller. I don’t have a picture as I’ve worn them and they are in the wash but will update in a later post with them. They were £13 and there were various blue colours aswell.

Finally I went to salt rock and picked up a hoody. I have an obsession with these. My wardrobe is full but I didn’t have one in this colour and at £12.50 it was a must!


So some of these bits will last me till the summer months. I can’t wait to get back into dresses and shorts again! Roll on summer!

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