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Spring fashion for a mummy!

Yes back to spring again! The sun is shining here and I can’t wait for spring to arrive properly!
I had money still to spend from Christmas so went and did a bit of retail therapy for myself.

First thing I wanted was some nice dresses to wear with leggings or without as it got warmer in summer.
I picked this one up in the New Look sale for just £5!



Fits great and long enough to wear without leggings aswell.

Next on to primark and picked up this lovely dress. It wasn’t till I got home that I realised I had pinned a very similar dress on Pinterest that I wanted for the summer! This was £13.


Also from primark I got some thin blouse type tops and some white cami tops to wear underneath. These were £10 each and £3 for the cami.




I also picked up some cotton ankle length leggings for £3


My best buy in primark was some high waisted black skinny jeans. I have never been able to get into primark skinny jeans, I am a size 16 and my legs never got very far. But these are great. Being high waisted they hold everything in and makes me look a good few inches smaller. I don’t have a picture as I’ve worn them and they are in the wash but will update in a later post with them. They were £13 and there were various blue colours aswell.

Finally I went to salt rock and picked up a hoody. I have an obsession with these. My wardrobe is full but I didn’t have one in this colour and at £12.50 it was a must!


So some of these bits will last me till the summer months. I can’t wait to get back into dresses and shorts again! Roll on summer!

Spring garden planning!

Yes I know, theres snow in alot of the UK and here I am planning Spring!
I love Spring! Evenings are lighter again, late afternoon walks are possible to wear out the little ones and the doors can be opened to the garden again!
I’ve picked up all sorts of new outdoor things that I’ve seen on offer after the summer season was over. We have some great large playmats with ‘board’ games on with big counters and dice. I really want to spruce up the garden and make it a great colourful area to play. The grass (if you can call it that) is a bit pitiful and I’m praying it grows back with some TLC. I’ve seen some great ways on pinterest to decorate the garden with tin cans and painted stones. We have a raised wooden veg planter that my husband made which i hope to grow some more bits in this year. Tomatoes were a hit last year!

Here are some of my ideas!

Homemade bird feeders

Painted stones for the veg planter

Tin can herb planters

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