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Teething…. The Devil

Teething has hit our household! And don’t we know it!

We have been kind of lucky so far. From 4 months old Bear has had a pointy tooth sat right on his gum but until now at 8 months old it hasnt caused an issue…… I saw every hour on the clock last night, all the lotions and potions didnt help and so I resorted to late night/early morning TV which to be honest was just as bad as an unsettled baby!
With Dude we used an Amber necklace which worked great for him, no problems at all with his teeth and we didnt even notice them come through. This time we opted for an amber anklet. Theres alsorts of debates on the internet about whether these are actually any use. However Amber has been used for hundreds of years as a natural pain reliever so theres got to be some effect from them. Well thats what i’m hoping, and I hope it kicks in soon!!

As I type this, he has woken up crying in pain…teething is the ultimate devil!

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