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Fisher Price Ballapalooza Review

Look at this contraption!! Bear got this for his 1st birthday and its huge!

Glad we packed away the Jumperoo to make some room.

Putting it together
This took Daddy nearly an hour to assemble. The tools that came with it didnt really do the job so make sure you have more screwdrivers etc handy.

It’s surprisingly sturdy! Bear (And Dude) can pull up on it and climb it and it doesnt move or topple over. It’s a heavy toy and very well made for those overzealous toddlers.

The music that plays is very different to any other baby toy I’ve come across. It’s more disco than lullaby but Bear loves dancing to the tune. Alongside this, the main tube down the middle flashes different colour lights, turn off the lights at nights and you feel you are in some kind of toddler discotheque!

Playing with the toy
There are 8 balls that come with it to roll down the 3 different runs. An inflatable sphere with a ball inside (which Dude uses like a boxing ball) and Bear’s favourite the green ‘door’ to swing back and forwards.

It’s a lovely colourful toy with lots of stimulation for toddlers. The children play with it every day but it is not a toy that keeps their attention for very long. It’s a heavy toy and takes up a bit of space. The only change I would make is the choice of folding it away for storage when not in use.

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