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Freezing February: Rainy Day Ideas

Freezing February sums it up really. Its cold, it rainy and its miserable outside. Spring is just around the corner and you’re counting down the days till its warmer again. The fresh smell of daffodils is something I’m longing for.


In the meantime there’s young chidren to entertain who are quickly getting cabin fever and need to run off that energy.

Here’s a few rainy day ideas to keep them busy:

  1. Rainy days does not mean that beach days are out of the picture. Dress them up in waterproof suits and wellies and theres plenty of splashing to be done and rockpools to explore. And the best bit is the hot chocolate waiting at the end in the local cafe.


2. Muddy puddle Jumping. The obvious. All thats needed is old clothes, waterproofs and wellies. Children love this and finding the biggest puddle is always the best thing to do!


3. Race the raindrop. Pick a raindrop on the window and see which one gets to the bottom first. My boys love a bit of healthy competition and this activity keeps them entertained for ages.


4. Rainbow pavement. A twist on the normal chalk drawing. Draw some lines and pictures with different colour chalks on a slightly inclined pavement and watch the chalk flow off downhill into a lovely rainbow pattern.



Enjoy the last part of winter and check out pinterest for some more great ideas for the children this summer!

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Woolley hat season!

Woolley hat season is upon us. We woke up this morning to the first frost of the year and we had to get the winter gear out as it was so cold! 

I love this time of year, snuggling up in onesies and big coats and scarves. 

These are the kids hats for this year. 

Bears is the blue space monkey which I picked up from peacocks. It’s lovely and snug and covers his ears which I wanted. 

Dudes is from monsoon. I love monsoon hats. It’s made of wool and again really warm! 

Bring on the cold mornings, because we are ready!

Winter coats and scarves coming soon!

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