Daily life, advice and reviews from an everyday mummy.

The Boys – Dude and Bear

I am a mother, nurse, student health visitor, wife and friend. So much to fit into my days!

I have 2 lovely boys. For now, they are hidden from social media, blogs and the general craziness that is the internet! So please don’t think I gave them silly names. These are nicknames that we have used since…well since they were born I think!

Dude – this cheeky chappy is 5 years old. Always on the go, full of energy! He’s such a bad sleeper so I don’t know where he gets it from! He’s an intelligent little boy who quickly picks something up and you can always see his little mind working trying to analyse things.
He’s a very imaginative boy aswell and loves to dress up as his favourite superheroes.
He loves anything to do with disney cars and has a large collection he loves to play with.
His other major love is playdoh and will spend hours creating allsorts of shapes and objects.
His favourite food is sausages but would devour anything fruit and veg based instantly!

Bear – Bear is 2 Years Old. He is a cheeky chappy, totally stubborn like his dad and knows how to throw a tantrum! He loves Peppa Pig, building towers out of blocks and generally anything his brother is doing! He loves pasta and fruit and would eat oranges all day if I let him!

Both boys have completely different personalities but are equally lovable for it. I would not change these 2 little boys for the world!

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